Polonia Golf Club has the pleasure to announce that from the beginning of the 2018 there will be a new format of Golf Competitions.
The main focus of the competitions is for one individual player to win the entire Grand Slam, by winning all four tournaments in one year. The tournaments will be based on the original names from the official PGA Tour Games.
That means we will start the Polonia Grand Slam with Polonia US Open, second Polonia British Open, third Polonia PGA Championship and fourth Polonia Masters. There will be Grand Prize for tournaments gross and net. There will also be prizes for winning individual tournaments (CASH).
We welcome everyone to come play on Great Golf Courses and join in the atmosphere of high class of tournaments.

Dates and times of the Tournaments will be announced as soon as we will arrange the golf courses schedule.

Also, we would like to inform you that for the upcoming golf season we are working on new golf events.
One of the events we are planing to do is a Group Match Play. More information will be posted as soon as possible.

Let’s have a Great Golf Season!!!

Thank you,
Bogdan Branas

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