Chicago Open Championship

ON Aug 21st at the Sportsman Golf Course in Northbrook took place our Chicago Open Championship Tournament sponsored by American Family Insurance – Wioletta Wujkowski. Due to the weather conditions we had to count just 16 holes for every player since not every one could finish 18 holes.

In Gross the WINNER is Zenon Piersa

In Net the WINNER is Bogdan Branas

Closes to the pin is Marcin Skatuski

Longest Drive is Zenon Piersa

Most Birdies in Net  got Brad Reddington

Congratulations to our Winners!!

Also we would like to Thank our Sponsors Wioletta Wujkowski from Anerican Family Insurance and her husband Jarek Wujkowski . Thank you for sponsoring the tournament, trophies, food and drinks. 

Please check the website for American Family Insurance.

Chicago Open Gross 1

Chicago Open Net


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