POLONIA OPEN 2019 By Zywiec



Polonia Golf Club Members participate in golf tournament in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We will provide scores and pictures from the tournament. Stay tuned.

Tee Times for Thursday                           Scores after the first day of the Tournament             Day 1 Gross Result_                 Net Results Day 1                     DAY2_MEN_WOMEN_FOURSOMES_Polonia_Indian Spring 03 01 2019            Check the RESULTS of the all rounds using this link             Day 3 Foursomes Final                                       All rounds Gross_final_                All rounds Net_final_

Before the first round on the driving range. Playing the Fountains Country club, south course today.

Very challenging the south course.

Wojtek Radzajewski Polonia Golf Club.

Polonia Golf Club Members

Polonia Golf Club &PAGC Chicago PlayersEnjoying the beautiful weather on the beach.

Colorful iguanas.

Before the second round of the Tournament on the driving range of Indian Spring Country Club.

Slawomir Pinski, the managing director of Binowo Park Golf Club in Poland.

Ryszard Sobiesiak helped to win the only Championship of Poland for Slask Wroclaw, in the whole history of that club, as a soccer player in 1976. Now, he is a pretty good golf player.

Zdrodowski Waldek    PAGA, from Connecticut.

Bogdan Branas ,Wojtek Radzajewski ,Bartek Homenda,Tomasz Sobczyk

All the players start a “shotgun” at 8:35 am.

Sorry “members” of the golf course!… for a disturbance of your natural habitat.

Bartek Homenda Polonia Golf Club Chicago.

Jacek Kusznerko (left), Polonia Golf Club Chicago and Kris Krzystyniak Podhale Golf Club Chicago.

The last, final day of the Tournament, sun is already up. Seems like another beautiful day to play golf.

people come to the ocean to watch gorgeous sunrise.

West Palm Beach, FL

very challenging 18 hole at Fountains Country Club, west course is waiting for the golfers to select the winner.

Halupka Lukasz (left)  Bialka Golf Club of Chicago is getting ready for very tough shot.       Jacek Kusznerko PGC Chicago and Adrian Turek PAGA New York.

Kalata Tedd Podhale Golf Club.

Congratulation to Jacek Kusznerko Polonia Golf Club! Jacek played really well all the three rounds. Senior Champion of the Polonia Open 2019!

Baczyk Janusz plays difficult second shot on the 18 to the bunker.

Baczyk Janusz Mid-Amateur Champion.

Kozub Micheal Bialka Golf Club got the second place gross, winning by play-off with Konrad Deka.

Konrad Deka, the only player who shot the all three rounds under 80. Third place gross, after losing the play-off.

Mierzejewski Alek well executes the second shot on the 18, for the win first place gross.

Konrad Deka (left), Alek Mierzejewski and Janusz Baczyk.

That was a lot of, well deserved, congratulations to the champion!

After the “beer shower” interview with the media.

That’s me I guess… J.M.     I’ll be waiting here the whole next year for Polonia golfers.

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