Winner of the 2018 Michigan Open, Champions group, Jacek Jaszczur from MichiganĀ 

Final results Michigan Open

Second place of Champions group Joe Chagnon.

Third place of Champions, Bogdan Jedrzejewski, Canada.

First place of A Division, Marek Placek, Chicago.

Kris Molski from Chicago, played a very good round on the second day and he scored second place of A Division.

Big thanks to Marek Binkowski and his wife Agnieszka, for inviting all players to their residency, after the first day of Tournament, for a great steaks, desserts and drinks.

Some of the holes are nice and tough. the finishing 18.

Everyone wants to have a lot of birdies šŸ˜‰

Jozef Swatowski from New Jersey.

The best player of the first day, Jacek Jaszczur from Michigan.

Bogdan Jedrzejewski from Canada played the back nine really good.

Players from Chicago, right, Marek Placek and Kris Molski.

Scores after the first day.

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