Polonia Grand Slam PGA Championship and POLONIA GOLF CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP

 Team #1  67.00  11:00 am  01
 B  Radzajewski, Wojtek  16.00 White
 A  Kozera, Jerzy  10.00  Gold
 A  Czoch, Stanley  23.00  White
 B  Dziekonski, Adam  18.00 White
 Team #2  58.00  11:10 am  01
 A  Wojtaszek, Jozef  0.00  White
 A  Sochacki, Janusz  22.00 White
 B  Piwowarczyk, Andy  17.00  White
 B  Lopuski, Ela  19.00  Red
 Team #3  32.00  11:20 am  01
 A  Parker, Kyle  0.00  Gold
 B  Adas, Gregory  16.00  White
 A  Finegan, James  9.00  Gold
 A  Wujkowski, Jarek  7.00  Gold
 Team #4  71.00  11:30 am  01
 B  Kaleniak, Wieslaw  19.00  White
 A  Adas, Richard  26.00  White
 A  Flis, Marian  26.00  White
 A  Ziolkowski, Leszek  0.00  White
 Team #5  76.00  11:40 am  01
 A  Romejko, Cezary  19.00  White
 A  Sobczyk, Tom  28.00 White
 A  Branas, Bogdan  12.00  Gold
 B  Molski, Chris  17.00  White
 Team #6  30.00  11:50 am  01
 A  Budz, Casey  8.00  Gold
 A  Homenda, Bart  12.00  Gold
 A  Bidus, Marek  3.00  Gold
 A  Kusznerko, Jacek  7.00  Gold
 Team #7  32.00  12:00 pm  01
 A  Kieta, Adam  19.00  White
 A  Wesolowski, Lukasz  13.00  Gold
 A  Wesolowski, Kevin  0.00  Red
Zbigniew Kobylarczyk 20.00 White

Players with handicap from 0 to 13 plays Gold
Due to the bad weather conditions the PGA Championship was cancelled on Oct 10th and postponed to Oct 21st. All the players who played on Wednesday can play on Sunday Oct 21st with the fee of $35 per player. We have open 2 more Tee Times for Sunday, anyone who wants to play is welcomed to play, price $65 per player. Please register as soon as possible. Anyone who CAN NOT play please send me email at poloniagolfclub@gmail.com

Players with handicap from 14 and up plays White

The Longest Drive – Hole #3

For the Longest Drive Challenge every player needs to play from the GOLD TEE. (exemption Woman from the RED Tees). If you don’t want to participate in the Longest Drive Challenge you play from your designated Tee.

Closest to the pin – Hole #5

Polonia Golf Club is honored to invite all golf players to attend our last tournament of the Polonia Grand Slam, Polonia PGA Championship. The tournament is sponsored by Zenon Piersa-City & Suburbs Construction, and Bart Homenda-BH Flooring Inc.  

Tournament will be held on October 21st at Stonewall Orchard  Golf Club in Grayslake, IL. 

First Tee time is at 11:00 A.M.

Green fee $65.00  includes a golf cart.

Registration dead line is on Oct 18 

Please register as soon as possible.  Go to Events to register. 

After the Tournament there will be a trophy presentation and drinks for everyone


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